Singapore / Upper Thomson

OZ Specialty Coffee went through a stage of rebranding and moving, and has evolved into a white dreamy boutique cafe, Pacamara. Relocated to a more prominent area of Upper Thomson, famed for its delicious collection of local food stores as well as modern dining places, Pacamara now enjoys higher visibility and is one of the trending coffee places these days.

Interior & Ambience

There is an increasing number of cafes which are after the white and clean concept, and this worked very well for Pacamara. The view from the exterior is impressive, pristine and dreamy. The experience is no different once you step into the cafe, everything seems so coordinated and pleasant.

The space is open, which could also mean lack of privacy as your conversations will bounce off to the neighbouring strangers. However, the ambience is casual and allows one to be at ease.

I especially love the window seat, perfect for crowd gazing.

Food & Drinks

The coffee was good, flavourful and balanced.

Truffle Fr ies

Truffle Fr ies

It was a lazy midday, so we went for Truffle Fries, which I have heard was good. I believe my hunt for great Truffle Fries should just end here, none has been rewarding, including this one here. The truffle taste is slight, but the fries was crispy and addictive.

In Short

Pacamara is worth a visit, especially if you are a coffee lover. I would say this would make a nice cafe for dates.



185 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574333

Opening Hours:
Tue – Sun: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm


Photographed with Sony Cyber-shot™ RX100 III