Singapore / Clarke Quay

Speaking about hidden cafesRonin must be one of the best hidden and most secretive cafe. No website, facebook, or telephone number even. Quietly sitting in one of the deserted streets in the vicinity of Clarke Quay, they seemed to be determined not to be found, but it’s already an open secret every cafe lover would know.


From the exterior, it would be so easy to walk past this black door without noticing it. Since this is opened by the same folks behind The Plain, they probably wanted the same sense of secrecy for Ronin.

And when you push open the door, you would be greeted with surprise by its indie and characteristic decor. Unlike many, Ronin has gone dungeon style, with dim lighting, grey concrete walls and rugged furniture.

Obscure it may be, it still upholds a sense of beauty and charm with its wooden furniture and well-selected elements.


No doubts about the coffee here, smooth and balanced.

The breakfast here is slightly pricey, Scrambled Eggs on Toast alone is already $9 and each of the add-ons priced at an average of $4. Thankfully, the food justified every single cent, with eggs that melt in the mouth, and a great combination of flavours.

The Minted Mocha sounded promising but turned out to be slightly disappointing. The mint didn’t go so well with hot latte, or at least it did not suit my palate.

Brioche French Toast was a delectable mess. The combination of sweet syrup on the soft fried bread and bacon would never go wrong.  


I love Ronin for its underground character and the unique experience it gives. It is not just a “hipster” cafe, as it serves up very decent coffee and food, though at a price you might feel a pinch for. What is really unique about this place, is its “integrity policy” – you don’t get a bill chit, you simply recite what you have ordered at the counter before you take your leave. All in all, Ronin is filled with quality, character and originality.


17 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059660

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm