Miss V Bakery

Taiwan / Taipei


Miss V Bakery hides itself on the quiet street of Shuanglian area, but it is no less outstanding than the other bakeries out there. Before the shop opened for the day, we spotted a savvy local crowd waiting at its door.


Interior & Ambience


The interior is sweet and pleasant, making guests feel like they have stepped into a European patisserie.  At the same time, the decor is very simple, showing its down to earth and earnest character. 



We tried the Key Lime Pie which was really tasty with a crispy crust and delicious sweet-sour combination. We could do with lesser of the lime cream but it was satisfying as it is.


All the other cakes and bakes on display were as alluring, and if we had a bit more tummy space we would have ordered at least three to try.  

It serves a promising brunch menu too - everyone there had a breakfast plate at their tables. Will definitely return to try their brunch and the other cakes the next time!


Miss V Bakery Cafe

No. 22, Lane 49, Chifeng St
Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103

Opening Hours  
Tue-Sun: 11:30 am - 9:00 pm


Photographed with Sony Cyber-shot™ RX100 III