Rooster Cafe

Taiwan / Taipei

The neighbourhood just outside of Shuanglian Metro station is filled with quaint cafes and indie clothing stores. Walking down Nanjing West Road from the exit of the metro station, you would spot Rooster Cafe in no time.

Interior & Ambience

Rooster Cafe serves sandwiches and brunch, and is a nice chill place to hang out. The space is rather small but very cosy and pleasant looking.

Food & Drinks

We ordered the usual suspects, the breakfast platter  (which they call 男子汉的早餐 cutely) and the foccacia platter . Both of them came with salad and pumpkin mash. 

Strictly speaking, the food here was mediocre. The foccacia toast was simply too tough and the eggs were barely warm. There was nothing to rave about, even the coffee did not meet expectations. 

After hopping to a few cafes, we concluded that the "latte" in Taiwan is not like the usual ones we get in Singapore which tend to be more concentrated, so try your luck with the cappuccino as it is less milky.

In Short

So should you check this out? Yes, if you are in the area, and the cafe makes a good photograph.

Also check out Miss V Bakery just steps away from it if you are there.


Rooster Cafe

No. 20-5, Lane 25, Nanjing W Rd
Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103

Opening Hours
Tue-Sun: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm