Gudetama Cafe

Singapore / Suntec  


By now, most fans of novelty food would have heard about the entry of Gudetama Cafe in Singapore, with its door officially opened to diners on 30 November 2016. 

Gudetama is a cartoon character launched by world renowned Sanrio just last year, with a persona of an egg that abhors its existence and seeks comfort in a bacon cover. Its cute sad face hits the soft spot of most girls, and guys too. 

We can already sniff its success - a themed cafe with beautifully crafted food and good taste and ambience. It will sure attract a long line at its first launch.

Heads up, as we would strongly like to believe, no kitchen will be able to deal with a 2-hour queue kind of crowd while maintaining its quality and exquisiteness, so our tip is - not rush to join the hype and instead wait it out and take your turn in 1-2 months from its launch. We can assure you of a much more pleasant experience in a more peaceful and relaxed setting.  

Interior & Ambience 


No doubt, much resources have gone into dressing up the interior, with cute little "egg huts" and customized egg stools. Everything is so instagrammable. There is even a little garden where Gudetama rests, hiding away from the main crowd. Ask the staff and they will gladly lead you to the hideout for photo opportunities. 


Food & Drinks

As skeptical as we could be, we set our expectations low, thinking that themed cafes could very well go wrong with their food since so much focus is placed on the aesthetics. Spoiler: we were proved wrong. 

Looking at every dish just made us go "awww" and how can we bear to eat something as cute as this?  

Rib "I"  Don't Care, Sirloin Steak

Rib "I"  Don't Care, Sirloin Steak

Before digging in to each dish, we felt a little pang of guilt to destroy that cute face. It was hard for us to spoil the beautifully created dishes. 

Eggcited Cajun Chicken with Waffles

Eggcited Cajun Chicken with Waffles


We had a variety on the table, but one of the crowd pleasers has got to be the Gudetama Lobster Onsen, basically lobster bisque in bread bowl and a poached egg. It was flavourful and thick, and the flowy egg added to the richness.  

The Shiok Pork Ribs was meaty and came with a really delicious seasoning. However the one we were served was slightly overcooked hence a little dry, otherwise this would have been perfect. (Note: most expensive item on the menu, skip on tight purse strings). 


What really gave the surprise element were the desserts. They came in really innovative presentation, in a way that didn't allow us to guess what it really is and set us all curious about how it was made. 


First, we had this really cute looking TAMA-GO sushi. Any guess?


These are actually cheesecakes wrapped in crispy rice and topped with a spongecake. The belt, keep on guessing :) As much as we loved the way it looked, there were still some flaws to fix, but the cheesecake and overall flavour was satisfactory. Given there are four slices for sharing, this is well worth the price. 


My favourite would be the Gude Pudding which is their rendition of panna cotta. The taste was amazing, pleasantly sweet and not too full, allowing us to savour it once and again without feeling sick. It will sure please all sugar-toothed. 


Another insta-worthy dessert would be the Shoyu Ramen, and again your guess will be far from what it is. Hint, chocolate, chestnut and mousse cake. This serving is rather huge, so be sure to share as a group. 

Sorry to bite you T.T

Sorry to bite you T.T


In Short


We enjoyed the experience and it is not everyday that we can play with our food before we gobble them up. This would make a really fun place for special occasions and girlfriends meetup as everything is simply so instaworthy. 

However we can't promise you will get the same experience as we did if you are queuing for 2-3 hours setting yourself behind in terms of hunger (or hanger) and mood. Best advice once again is to be patient and wait for the crowd to die off!

Price here really aren't targeting the bargain hunters, but this cafe would make a really nice treat to your special ones. If you are only willing to pay for quality food, you would be better off at an awarded restaurant,  or be prepared that part of what you are paying here goes to incubating shy Gudetama out if its shell :) 


Gudetama Cafe

#01-61 Suntec City Mall (Convention Hall wing)
Singapore 038983

Opening Hours
Mon-Thu: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Thu-Sun: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Thanks Gudetama Cafe team for the invitation .