Craftsmen Specialty Coffee (Novena)

Singapore / Novena


Craftsmen Specialty Coffee has been a favourite choice for the east, with its flagship outlet at Siglap. We were thrilled to hear they have expanded to Novena, making it probably the second cool cafe in the neighbourhood, apart from The Clueless Goat

Interior & Ambience


The cafe has retained much of its style and character in the design. The familiar pipe lamps and metal and wood structured furniture as well as the concrete floor made up its industrial look. 

In terms of its layout, I still prefer the Siglap branch as its neater and more pleasant to the eyes. 




I had good memories of its Butter Croissant and I wanted to try it again. It came with several options like salmon, cheese or scrambled eggs, which was the one I chose. 


The croissant was as fragrant, fluffy and deliciously buttery. Scrambled eggs were soft but it would have been better if it came with more seasoning.

In Short

I always have a good experience of Craftsmen, and this outlet at Novena gives the extra touch of a quieter ambience. It would definitely make a good choice for brunch in the area. 


Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

173 Thomson Road, Goldhill Plaza
Singapore 307623

Opening Hours
Sun-Thu: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
Fri-Sat: 8:30 am - 10:30 pm


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On The Table

Singapore / Pasir Panjang

Lolas Cafe has become the jewel of Kovan and they are now striving to be the same for Pasir Panjang with their relatively new branch, On The Table. It carries the essence of Lolas Cafe with extremely satisfying breakfast food, and also offers a selection of home made ice cream and a more extensive food menu. The interior is also straightforward, simply a cosy place to enjoy good food and company.


With a big space like this, we have to agree it is quite hard to dress the entire space up while ensuring all elements are cohesive. it requires exceptional sense of beauty to dissect the spaces and create a character for each.

We have to give it up to the owners for having lovely corners like these.

The rest of the cafe is pretty much straightforward and simple, with the priority to make all customers comfortable in their seats.


We had planned our feast ahead and went on with several mains. First of which that arrived was the Banger and Mash. With such a huge portion, it is bound to over stuff one person so we would recommend it for sharing. The snail sausage was not really to my liking and I preferred the bratwurst. The mash potato was also yummy and reduced the greasiness of the dish. The sauce, however, could be less sour and more peppery.

The croissant is something all of us are familiar with, and the OTT’s rendition is one of the better ones around. Despite the croissant not being buttery enough, it was crispy and it matched so well with the scrambled eggs. This is really, the breakfast food you wish you wake up to every day.

The best dish of the day has got to be the Salmon Truffle Pasta. The truffle was fragrant and not overpowering at the same time. The pasta was well cooked, soft and creamy. This is something that we would put On The Table every time.

The signature Lola’s Honey Wings is also available here to satisfy all the fans who have travelled this far for its goodness. As usual, crispy skin with a lovely mix of spices and honey to top it off. It is really one of the best wings you can find in Singapore.

We also had the Tomato Swimmer Crab Linguine, which had a strong seafood taste to it. The freshness of crab meat was of mark and the overall taste was not too heavy or sour, which we enjoyed.


Overall, On The Table has carried over the best essence from Lola’s and created its own specialities as well. With a much bigger space and cosy setting, you would be able to enjoy a relaxed brunch, even on the weekends. Though it requires a little bit of travelling, the good news is that it is just walking distance from the MRT. If you are already out of ideas for good brunch places, it is time to check this cafe out. You would be happy to know they are open in the next two days over Christmas period – perfect time to have a feast On The Table.

Thank you On The Table for hosting us.

On The Table

118 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118541
T: 9780 8094

Opening hours:
Tue - Fri: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm



The Beast

Singapore / Lavender

The Beast might not be considered a cafe per se, but it serves a brunch menu that gives many cafes a run for its money. This bar bistro has a relaxed environment, a cool hangout where you would go for light-hearted conversations. Only on the Sundays, you could enjoy their sumptuous brunch items, which are not the typical eggs-on-toast kind of affair.


With this burly silhouette planted on its wall facing Victoria Street, it is really not hard to take note of this bistro with a wacky character.

It also has a Bloody Mary bar, for you to make any wild concoction of this popular cocktail. Unleash the beast, indeed.

It has done a great job in capturing the country feel with its decor, as though any minute you could expect a cowboy of the 70s running in for his serving of steak.

Its space on the second storey is the captivating one. It is cosy, casual and really comfortable.

And you will find yourself trying to pronounce each and everyone before you head upstairs.


We tried the Lemonade and the Southern Sweet Tea which was made unnecessary immediately by Arnold Palmer, which was a mix of both. The combination was extremely refreshing, with a balanced taste of zest and sweetness.

Bacon Maple Glazed Donut was a good bet, as the savoury-sweet combination worked like magic on the spongy bagel-like texture. The bacon bits could have been better crispier.

This has got to be the best pulled-pork dish I have ever come across. The Pulled Pork Hash was nothing like what I had imagined. It was seasoned pulled pork with pieces of potato cubes, topped with a poached egg and an amazing homemade BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce was unique and key to this dish’s success. The flowy egg with a bit of everything was the taste of perfection.

I really liked the presentation of Mac & Cheese Burger, but sadly that’s about it. The Mac & Cheese “bun” was innovative, but we were disappointed by its taste. The beef patty was juicy, but it didn’t quite make up for the taste of the overall dish.

At this place we can get a taste of dishes we hardly see around, one of which was the Dutch Baby Pancake. A thin layer of soft and spongy pancake is served with caramelized bananas, maple syrup and vanilla cream. It was a simple fare, yet tasted really good. The serving size might leave some hungry still though.

Who was the genius who thought of fried Chicken on Waffles? This huge piece of fried chicken cutlet was extremely sinful but this was the last thing on our mind when we were presented this delicious indulgence. It was fried to the perfect crisp and juiciness, served with soft waffles and maple syrup to curb the oiliness. This is definitely huge enough for sharing, though the hungry boys would be happy to have one to themselves.

Last of all, we had the Peach Crumble to end off the meal. The juicy peach went really well with the crunchy cookie crumble and soft vanilla bean ice cream. On the whole it was pleasant and worth a try.


I am now a fan of The Beast with its innovative offerings, and most of the dishes were memorable and left me craving for more. The only pity is that this menu is a available only once-a-week, so you have to make your reservations early to get an indoor seat, especially important for the hot Singapore weather.

The Beast

17 Jalan Klapa
Singapore 199329
T: 6295 0017

Opening hours:
Mon - Thu: 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
Fri - Sat: 5:00 pm - 1:00 am
Sun: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm