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The Replacement Cafe is an all time favourite that we will keep visiting every trip we make to JB. It is not just a cafe serving quality coffee and food but also a lodge suitable for weekend getaways.  

The Replacement Lodge is listed on airbnb, you can find the link at the bottom of this article. It is convenient, affordable and reliable as a choice to stay in. 

What I love most is the design of the lodge- clean,  clutter-free with simple earthy colours, making it a super pleasant experience. 


The best part, it is just walking distance from the Causeway,  merely 10 minutes away especially now that the roadwork is almost done. You can freely stroll back to the mall anytime to shop and eat. 

Skylight room

Skylight room

The room is small,  but has just the right amount of space and amenities you would need. Every room looks similar,  the one we stayed in doesn't have a window but a small ceiling opening,  allowing natural light to beautifully light up the room.   


The Scandinavian design is just everyone's #bedroomgoals.  


You can roam around freely along the corridor of the lodge,  and bathrooms are shared.  


The cost of one night (SG$53, seasonal) at the lodge also includes a complimentary breakfast at the cafe downstairs to complete The Replacement experience.  To an average Singaporean,  the price is really value for money especially at this exchange rate we are enjoying now. 

Apart from this outlet,  they also own other cafes like Shakespeare Milkshake and Faculty of Caffeine both within walking distance so you might want to hop around to take a look!  


The only heads up I would give is that walls are pretty thin at this lodge since it is a rebuilt old shophouse, but it hardly bothers us as at bedtime the cafe is closed. We would be out in the day anyway when the cafe is bustling. 

An additional tip for those travelling to JB, some days on weekends the Causeway can be horrendously crowded,  so you might want to choose off peak hours such as before 10 on weekends morning to enter JB and leave before the crowd gathers at 4pm. To make it a less rushed trip you can consider staying a night to best enjoy JB. 

Check out the airbnb listing here: 

The Replacement Lodge

Thanks Edward from The Replacement for the warm hospitality! 

Cafehopping x Skyscanner: Top Bangkok Cafes You Cannot Miss


Recent trips to Bangkok have given us a new insight to the bustling f&b scene in the city, making it even more attractive beyond its reputation for tourism spots and shopping. Thanks to Skyscanner which brought us the cheapest preferred flight to Bangkok, we were able to fly to the city just to explore its exciting cafe scene.

In the past two years, Bangkok's cafes have been mushrooming at possibly the same speed as in Singapore. There are numerous quality cafes testified by our personal experience this trip, and yet, still many more to be discovered.


Most travellers head to Bangkok for a short weekend trip, and squeezing in a cafe or two is almost difficult. The good news is that, cafes probably make the best (if not only) options for breakfast in Bangkok, and you will be reading about only the best cafes below in our Bangkok Cafe Guide. You can be sure to waste no time but enjoy the best of Bangkok, including the cafe culture.

To see the best of the cafe scene, stay in Sukhumvit / Thong Lor area. Sukhumvit is one of the most happening area with its outburst of upscale restaurants, modern cafes and hidden nooks.

Scroll to the bottom for more tips and a Bangkok Cafe Map!



The Commons

Roots / Roast / Brix / JonaWaffles / Maygori

335 Thonglor 17, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok, Thailand 10110 Facebook

If there is any neighbourhood I would stay in, it would have to be where The Commons is my backyard. The Commons is a very modern indie concept that brings the idea of community to life, more than being just a "f&b hangout". Housed in this complex are numerous cafes and an upscale food court similar to Pasar Bella in Singapore.



Roots Coffee was previously tucked at Ekkamai but has since moved to The Commons, along with its parent cafe Roast. Roots serves up really awesome coffee and is perfect for all coffee snobs. Find this cafe at the ground level food court. 



Roast is probably one of the most popular brunch place in Bangkok. It has a very promising food menu and it was packed when we visited. Be prepared for a delicious breakfast.


BRIX Desserts cafe

BRIX has a lovely interior and has a variety of cakes, ice cream and plated desserts. It is probably the best dessert option in this complex, not to mention very photogenic as well.

Upcoming Review soon.



Jona Waffles and Maygori are probably worth checking out too but we simply did not have enough time (nor stomach space).

Warm Wood Cafe

141 Soi Thong Lor, 10 Klong Tan Nuea, Wattana Road, Bangkok 10110 Facebook


Just about a ten minutes walk down the road from The Commons you would reach Warm Wood Cafe. This is a quaint cafe with a nice interior and will make a good place to unwind. The coffee here is pretty good as well but avoid the Churros.

Upcoming review soon.

Just across the road you would also see some desserts place like Dolly Churros, Rosemary by Madame Tuang and the more famously known Audrey Cafe.


Casa Lapin x49

Song Phi Nong Alley, Khwaeng Lam Prathew, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520 Facebook


One of my favourite hunts would be Casa Lapin x49. Casa Lapin is also another very successful brand that has since expanded to numerous branches. The x49 branch definitely wins in its secluded location and beautiful decoration of the space. It is a comfortable nook to escape from the city bustle. The coffee is really awesome as well, very balanced and full.


Piman 49

48/1 Klang Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

D'ARK by Phillip Di Bella



Another cafe that is also worth checking out is D'ARK. Contrasting to its name, the interior is bright from natural light and its high ceiling gives a spacious feel to its interior. The cafe is pretty from all angles and the coffee is really good as well.

Rocket Coffeebar S49



Neighbour to D'ARK is Rocket, which has been getting a lot of buzz of late. This outlet is also another cafe that is beautifully designed. They have a good variety of food items on the menu as well.

Full review here.

You might also want to check out The Coffee Club and Gram in the same Piman 49 neighbourhood.


One Ounce for Onion

19/12 Ekkamai 12, Sukhumvit 63., Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Facebook


At the other corner of Thong Lor, there is another very hidden cafe called One Ounce for Onion. It is tucked in a secluded lane and the element of surprise adds to the experience. It is a cosy hideout with great coffee. The food menu might be small but the quality is good.

Upcoming Review soon.

In the same street there is also 24 Owl, a 24hour cafe as the name suggest and Vanilla Garden that is worth checking out.


Unfashion Vintage Cafe

94/1 Soi Sukhumvit 63, Phra Khanong Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110 Facebook


If I were to name the most memorable cafe of the trip, I would say Unfashion, for its beautiful exterior and interior. It has a very tiny but extremely cosy cottage-style interior. The building itself is photogenic beyond words. The iced latte here is so good on its own without any further addition of sugar.  For proper food, you can head to the Unfashion bistro just across the carpark.


Ekkamai Soi 2

Ekkamai Soi 2, Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok 10110

Ink & Lion Cafe



The cafe name might sound cutesy, but Ink & Lion is another cafe popular for its coffee. Simple and woody interior makes it a lovely space to hang out in.




Next door to Ink & Lion is Beeston Cafe. It is a nice space to chill out and serves up decent coffee and bites too.

There is still a bunch of cafes in the Thong Lor areas that have yet been mentioned but are very promising as well. You could find all of them on the map below. Do check out Hands & Heart and Toby's.



Thanon Pan, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500 Facebook


At Sathorn area where the CBD is, you will find the hidden gem, Luca. It is a very humble and simple cafe serving up really delicious brunch food and coffee. It is delicious to the extent I would go back again and again without fail. If there is any cafe worth checking out for the food, it has to be Luca.

In the same Silom area, you could also check out the more tiny outlet of Rocket Coffeebar s12 and Dexter Cafe.


The Bloc

94 Ratchaphruek Rd, Taling Chan, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170 Facebook

photo credit to The Bloc Facebook

photo credit to The Bloc Facebook

If you have extra time on hand and have absolutely no idea what to do, check out The Bloc, which is yet another hipster Neighbourhood with a container market and cafes like Simple Day Cafe and Think Cafe. Note, this is very far off from everywhere. 


How to make sure you don't get lost cafehopping?

Cafehopping in Bangkok can be slightly more tricky as cafes are tucked in secret corners and getting directions from locals is almost impossible. Hence, it is important to have a travellers datasim and tools like Google Map, Uber and our Bangkok Cafe Map to ensure you waste no time being lost!


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Bangkok Cafe Map


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