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The Replacement Cafe is an all time favourite that we will keep visiting every trip we make to JB. It is not just a cafe serving quality coffee and food but also a lodge suitable for weekend getaways.  

The Replacement Lodge is listed on airbnb, you can find the link at the bottom of this article. It is convenient, affordable and reliable as a choice to stay in. 

What I love most is the design of the lodge- clean,  clutter-free with simple earthy colours, making it a super pleasant experience. 


The best part, it is just walking distance from the Causeway,  merely 10 minutes away especially now that the roadwork is almost done. You can freely stroll back to the mall anytime to shop and eat. 

Skylight room

Skylight room

The room is small,  but has just the right amount of space and amenities you would need. Every room looks similar,  the one we stayed in doesn't have a window but a small ceiling opening,  allowing natural light to beautifully light up the room.   


The Scandinavian design is just everyone's #bedroomgoals.  


You can roam around freely along the corridor of the lodge,  and bathrooms are shared.  


The cost of one night (SG$53, seasonal) at the lodge also includes a complimentary breakfast at the cafe downstairs to complete The Replacement experience.  To an average Singaporean,  the price is really value for money especially at this exchange rate we are enjoying now. 

Apart from this outlet,  they also own other cafes like Shakespeare Milkshake and Faculty of Caffeine both within walking distance so you might want to hop around to take a look!  


The only heads up I would give is that walls are pretty thin at this lodge since it is a rebuilt old shophouse, but it hardly bothers us as at bedtime the cafe is closed. We would be out in the day anyway when the cafe is bustling. 

An additional tip for those travelling to JB, some days on weekends the Causeway can be horrendously crowded,  so you might want to choose off peak hours such as before 10 on weekends morning to enter JB and leave before the crowd gathers at 4pm. To make it a less rushed trip you can consider staying a night to best enjoy JB. 

Check out the airbnb listing here: 

The Replacement Lodge

Thanks Edward from The Replacement for the warm hospitality!